murphy's creek minis

  Small in size - huge in heart!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for my mini pig? Like any pet, mini pigs need looking after, though they are not much different to a dog when it comes to training and care. Food is its life! Pigs are clean animals, and if kept in an enclosure, will soil in one area so please make sure their bedding area is as far away as possible and draft free. If you intend to keep your pig inside, you can train it to use a litter tray in the same way as a cat or dog. Sleeping arrangements for your pig can exist of blankets, straw, shavings etc.
Rule of thumb: if you are cold your pig will be cold!
On hot days, give plenty of water and shade. If you are unable to provide a wallow, a small pool or clam shell used for kids sand pits will work a treat for those hot days. Dry skin can be rectified by a baby oil bath, just a few drops! Mites, fleas, worms and mange can be treated by an Ivomec shot.
Worming: Garlic in their food is the natural way or consult your vet.
Vaccinations: All our pigs are vaccinated. One vaccination needed is a yearly PLEVac of 2.5ml: see your vet to order.
What do I feed my mini pig? At Murphy's Creek Minis we feed our pig’s normal pig food, so commercial pellets are available from stocked suppliers which provide your pig with a balanced diet. Or course, variety is good and that can be done by giving fruit, vegetables, bread etc.
Deb’s rule of thumb: ‘A hairy pig means two things, that your animal is cold and poor diet!!
Please revise diet
How big will my pig grow?  No ironclad guarantee can be given as to the exact size of a mature mini pig, however a sensible approach when breeding will minimize the chance of any mini pig growing beyond expectation. It is reasonable to assume that the size of the progeny of a breeding pair should not exceed that of the parents. 'Go to Gallery to see Breeding stock photos'.
When can I pick up my pig?  Weaning usually occurs at 4 weeks of age, once piglet is on full feed, desexed, healthy, and vaccinated the mini pig is ready to go at approximately 6 weeks of age. Female’s maybe a couple of days longer due to the surgery they undergo.
How long can my pig live for? As your mini pig grows into the size of a medium to large dog, the life of the animal will vary from 7-10 years.
How much for a desexed mini pig? Murphy's Creek Minis charge $500 for both male and females; this includes desexing, all vaccinations, birth certificate and NVD pig pass.

Once new owners have consulted their local council for permits and regulations needed for mini pigs, a deposit for $50 will be required to secure a position on the waiting list: this is not refundable.