miniature pigs murphys creek

             Murphy's Creek Miniature pigs         

       Murphy's Creek Miniature pigs- Small in size huge at heart!           

 Murphy's Creek Miniatures - Miniature pigs for sale

  • mini pigs murphys creek
    Miniature pig sales Call 03 54387251
  • mini pigs murphys creek
    We Love Miniature pigs- Pale(male)Black and white(female) ALL SOLD
  • mini pigs for sale
    For sale- Miniature pigs go to Miniature pet pig sales $395
  • mini pigs for sale
    Hey babe! This is a normal for enquiries
  • mini pigs murphys creek
    Campbell wrestling a Miniature pig!
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    Commercial pig not a miniature pig! Go babe!
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    Please Mum don't sell my Miniature pig
mini pigs murphys creek
Miniature pig sales Call 03 54387251

Welcome to  Murphy's Creek farm, our enterprise is situated in the rolling plains of the Drought stricken Central Goldfields Victoria. Home to Merino sheep, Landrace, Large white and Duroc pigs, Ferrets, Guinea pigs, working Sheep dogs, Fox terriers and of course Mini pigs!

Due to these hard times our Farming enterprise has had to change direction, we wish to Introduce our Wholesale Pig meat Sales- From our Farm to your Butchers plate! Go to or contact us on 03 54387251.

Murphy's Creek Mini pigs -We at Murphy's Creek Miniatures have been 'slowly' decreasing the size of these adorable, sweet, friendly 'known worldwide as the teacup pig' weighing at 250gms at birth. They're small enough to sit inside a teacup or the palm of your hand. Sorry no Pot Belly pigs or Tea cup pigs are and will ever be found in Australia!

Miniature pigs or Mini pigs grow to about the 1/5 of the size a Commercial pig which is means your Mini pet pig will grow approximately the size of a small Labrador at maturity( 40-70kgs). Honestly, Mini pigs, Miniature pigs or Tea cup pigs will never be the size of Fox terriers!

Murphy's Creek Miniatures prides itself on being a Honest, responsible, and transparent Breeder of Miniature Pigs within Australia. Miniature pigs where bred to be a unique pet for the children, with over 20 years experience Breeding and caring for traditional pigs. It soon became clear that these irresistible little Miniature pigs made wonderful pets.

See how easy it is for you to own a Murphy's Creek mini pet pig!